The media is such a massive part of our lives that it practically controls us without us realising. Maybe not directly but they certainly control our information flow which in turn leads us to come up with inaccurate conclusions of issues and matters surrounding the world. Perhaps it can be argued that we allow the media to control us because hardly any of us bother referencing anything we read hear,or see.

Well why is this?

Maybe we’re all just so naive that we believe everything we’re told. Or, the media is so cunning at manipulating information we need to know that we cant help going along with what is said.They seem to be using techniques that lead people to easily conform to their ideas. For example repetition is used a lot. One piece of news will be repeated again and again at different times on the same and different pieces of media which leads us to have a feeling of familiarisation with the information. This feeling makes us feel like we know more about it than we actually do, which probably leads us to accept them as true when in reality they’re far from it.

Informational social influence (ISI) which is a way in which people conform , is probably in action when it comes to media control. People find it easy to accept information coming from people who they believe to hold some sort of intellectual power over them. The experts and studies are their fore falsely quoted, as we don’t have any reason to disbelieve those experts, so we believe them instead of questioning the validity of what we’re told. Also the media has a habit of using celebrities to emphasis a certain point because they know people will automatically agree with a celebrity they like. This is because that celebrity for the them is a good referential point, so anything that celebrity says or does is accepted by people.

As people find those surrounding them to be talking about and believing ideas put forward by the media they are then even more likely to give in and accept those ideas,not because they think the idea are true but because they don’t want to be the odd one out. This is another way in which people conform called normative social influence (NSI). This mainly happens when a lot of people believe in one thing and the only reason you go along with it is because you don’t want to be ridiculed. Secretly you may not believe it or may not even care.

After we’ve found ourselves believing what we hear without any evidence and start to publicly announce those views we find yourself committing ourselves to those views so when we’re questioned for references and evidence instead of saying we don’t have any, we try to find other ways of justifying those ideas. So in reality we are fooling ourselves. We’re agents of the media, fooling each other.