The argument about homosexuality being a life choice has been going on for years on end now. To be frank I have no idea why this is so. Let people be who they want to be.

I notice people either saying that it’s either completely genetic or social (nature nurture) I personally think that it’s silly to say its either one or the other because its probably a mixture of both. Though to say it’s a life choice is ridiculous. No one wakes up one day and decides they will be a homosexual.

I’d just like to say if homosexuality was learnt or if it was a choice then why do we have gay and lesbians in more religious countries that sees homosexuals as being criminals? They get hung and stoned to death! Why in the world would anybody ever want to choose a life style that came with treatment like that?? It makes no sense to me. So think again before saying it’s a life choice.

‘Hamer et al. found that the gay men had more gay male uncles and cousins on the maternal side of the family than on the paternal side.’ I would link this to the finding by researchers at UC Santa Barbara and Uppsala University in Sweden who have come to realize that sexual orientation can be decided through epi-marks. These are switches that are passed down from the opposite sex parent…
Epigenetic markers are “an added layer of information that clings to our DNA,” and regulate the expression of genes according to an external trigger. The external trigger here I’m saying would probably be the uncles and perhaps the family environment in which they were ‘allowed’ to be gay.


Sexual Selection

Many of the sexual selection features in humans are unique to them as other animals do not have them. This means that humans will not find other animals attractive because reproduction of certain features such as less hair has become the norm of what is seen as ‘sexy’. Even though the features holds no purpose they are desired by other humans because they have become sexual signals that are usually enhanced by make up or even plastic surgery more recently. Perhaps behaviorists would argue that the fact that these sexually selected features are more on display during sexual arousal, humans have been conditioned to find these attractive. Though from an evolutionary point of view it is clear that sexual features in males and females have over generations of reproduction have become more emphasized. This is because males and females pick those with the most sexual selected features such as less hair or bigger boobs , and so these genes are passed down to offspring’s who find similar features attractive and so they reproduce offspring’s with similar sexually selected features and the cycle continues…

Fitting In.

I’ve always been the type of girl who’s found it hard to find a specific social group to ‘chill’ with and to willingly be able to accept their norms and values, because frankly I’ve a big mouth and if I disagree with you. I will make sure you know about it. This I personally think can be good, but what happened now? When I disagree with the majority of the people I meet? Well I get rejected by them all. I don’t want to be a fake so I’d rather have no friends than to hang around with a bunch of close minded robots that have been programmed to ‘fit in’.


More people need to just stop and have a moment to reflect on their ideology. It is really what they believe in, or do they just believe it because everyone does?


Humans are intelligent –some- and so we must use this intelligence to question our surroundings and to give a meaning to out life; because what’s the point of living a shallow one where you have nothing to care for?

Do You Remember …

I don’t have to state this but it was valentine yesterday and without doubt many spent their day with the people they love. I, as depressing as it may sound, spent the day wondering what the people I love were up to without me.

I remember the previous valentine with my best friends, which i tried to make special by baking cookies and writing little notes telling them how much i appreciated having them in my life, and how without them i’d be nothing. Which i must admitted came from the bottom of my heart. They were there for me when no one else was, and they were the people that turned to me when no one was there for them. We laughed and made fools of ourselves not having a care what anyone else thought,because frankly…we had each other and no one else mattered.

So what I wondered was how did it all fade away?…

I know the answer now, no one ever stays best friends or close when they’re not constantly or frequently with each other.I guess it’s just one of those things in life which we have to accept and move on with. It is hard though. The worst thing is when you know you’re the only one fighting for the relationship to carry on while the other person seems to have lost all interest  What I don’t however understand is how some one can forget all the times they’ve had together.It’s physically not possible. Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) even showed that your long term memory literally has unlimited duration and so therefor it’s very hard to forget memories that have deep meaning behind….maybe they only had meaning for me. I hope not, otherwise i’d have wasted my time.


Imagine you are an innocent human walking to the bustop after a long day at collage, when you notice a grizzly brown bear chasing after you out of nowhere!-okay I know it makes no sense but just go with it for now- This bear was out looking for food just as you were on your way home and the your human meat makes his tummy rumble with hunger which is obviously bad news for you.

Luckily for you many years of evolution later your body has adapted to act quickly in situations like this. The sight of the bear triggers your hypothalamus to send messages to your adrenal glands and within milli seconds, you can run faster, hit harder, see better, hear more acutely, think faster, and jump higher than you could only seconds earlier.

Your heart is pumping at two to three times more blood than the normal speed, sending nutrient rich blood to the major muscles in your arms and legs allow you to escape the terror of the bear. The tiny blood vessels (called capillaries) under the surface of your skin close down (which consequently sends your blood pressure soaring) so you can handle a mark from the bear on your skin without bleeding to death. Even your eyes dilate so you can see well.

All other functions such as digestion stops, sexual function stops, even your immune system is temporarily turned off. If necessary, excess waste is eliminated to make you light on your feet…yes you may pee yourself…but not necessarily.

Your suddenly superhuman body is designed to help level the odds between you and the bear. This allows you to narrowly escape death by leaping higher and running faster than you ever could before.

How bloody amazing is that?! It’s like you genuinely sense the fear and stress and turn into some sort of a superhero with all the right powers. Things such as this just make you think how amazing the human body is and how perfectly it has evolved to be able to deal with all situations.

Okay so I know you won’t have a bear chasing you all of sudden out of nowhere, but you can apply this to any situation. Say you’re in your room and your meant to be finishing of an assignment but you’d much rather be easting Oreos and milk while surfing the net for hot pictures of Kurt Cobain-I know his dead…and it’s wrong on so many level…but that’s just me- your hear your roommate calling from down stairs “you ate all the Oreos again!?” the image of the bear, er, uh…your roommate…in your head shouting at you for eating all the Oreos again makes your hypothalamus send a message to your adrenal glands and within seconds your body summons all the same powers that you would need to fight a bear or what your stone-age ancestor needed to fight a saber tooth tiger. As you imagine your roommate shouting at you, the caveman inside of you wants to come out. Maybe you’d like to run and hide or maybe you’d like to punch your roommate in the nose, but you can’t do either. Welcome to the modern era.

Is this why we get frustrated, because we cannot let the natural consequences of stress go into play?

Is this a dream?

It makes me depressed knowing that amongst us we have a whole bunch of homophobes, racists and bullies. I dream of the day that we can all live in harmony without judging each other on stupid things that do not count. Why can’t we just see that it’s what’s on the inside that counts?

Over my short period of life I have encountered lots of idiotic human’s beings that think they’re too good to be in the presence of others. It’s people like that, that make me lose all hope for humans, I mean how can a person be so self centred and dim-witted?

Those people with their words so mean and smiles so thin don’t realise that what they say hurts. They feel the need to push people off their high again and make them feel like their nothing. It should be allowed for one human to treat another like that. It literally makes no sense in head. You have people who sort of support them as well and go with what is said. Those of the kind of people that annoy me the most they go along with what is supposed to be and seem to have no care to find out anything for them in order to have their own opinion.

For example take someone being in a school…they’ve just come out about being attracted to the same gender and instead of having people supporting them they have a whole bunch of idiots being mean to them. Don’t get me wrong the majority are ok…But it’s just one person would make a snide remark and then another would join in. I guess it may have something to do with peer pressure or may have some other psychological explanation, but I just wish it wasn’t like this.

I mean who in the world gave them the right to make another person feel that way? As far as I’m concerned no one, no on, should be made to feel like rubbish, whether it’s to do with sexuality, faith or race. I know that more than just a few of us have come to realise that rubbish like that does not matter, but unfortunately there are still some people out there who have not been enlighten with the fact that we are all equal.

We are all special in our own unique way and we mustn’t let people get us down.

Someday I’ll be living a city where everyone is equivalent

Slaves Of Society

Some times I think about how corrupt the world has become. How everyone is a slave to the mainstream ‘ideals’ on how people should dress, think and behave.

It’s as  if everyone has lost their originality which means that there isn’t anyone that ‘gets me’, and this results in me getting the feeling of being alone in the world. I just know there is more to life than keeping up to date with fashion, getting education, working, getting married and having children. There has to be.

Everyone says in the end you will get used to it and life goes on, BUT what if I don’t want to carry on like this? I want excitement in life, I want to be able to have a different adventure everyday, not stick to a schedule and most importantly I want to find out for myself what it means to actually live rather then being told how to by close minded people.

I remember when I was child and nothing mattered except I knew either that peter pan or the doctor will come along and take me on an adventure, but as I’ve grown I’ve come to realise that was just a foolish dream that can never be.

Even so I sometimes think maybe, just maybe one day some one will come along and change my mind about the world and show me that not everyone is a brainwashed zombie that follows the crowd.