Habits are actions that we repeat so often that they become automatic and engraved in our neural pathways. So knowing this we can conclude changing these habits is hard.

Some useless articles suggest rewarding yourself eachtime you do a certain action that you want turned into a habit will ensure that you start to do that automatically. This sounds a lot like operant conditiong. Humans require more than rewards to be able to change a certain aspect of their life that has become so natural to them.

For example take smoking,a habit, you cant just stop smoking by rewarding yourself eachtime you don’t. It doesn’t work like that. What’s needed is a strong motivation to want to achieve the new action, social support and ability to tolerate carvings and all the other discomfort.


2 thoughts on “Habits

  1. Exactly! Your Why must be the fuel that keeps you going. However, a little boost has never done any damage: pursue your why and reward yourself for success. 🙂

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