Sexual Selection

Many of the sexual selection features in humans are unique to them as other animals do not have them. This means that humans will not find other animals attractive because reproduction of certain features such as less hair has become the norm of what is seen as ‘sexy’. Even though the features holds no purpose they are desired by other humans because they have become sexual signals that are usually enhanced by make up or even plastic surgery more recently. Perhaps behaviorists would argue that the fact that these sexually selected features are more on display during sexual arousal, humans have been conditioned to find these attractive. Though from an evolutionary point of view it is clear that sexual features in males and females have over generations of reproduction have become more emphasized. This is because males and females pick those with the most sexual selected features such as less hair or bigger boobs , and so these genes are passed down to offspring’s who find similar features attractive and so they reproduce offspring’s with similar sexually selected features and the cycle continues…


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