Fitting In.

I’ve always been the type of girl who’s found it hard to find a specific social group to ‘chill’ with and to willingly be able to accept their norms and values, because frankly I’ve a big mouth and if I disagree with you. I will make sure you know about it. This I personally think can be good, but what happened now? When I disagree with the majority of the people I meet? Well I get rejected by them all. I don’t want to be a fake so I’d rather have no friends than to hang around with a bunch of close minded robots that have been programmed to ‘fit in’.


More people need to just stop and have a moment to reflect on their ideology. It is really what they believe in, or do they just believe it because everyone does?


Humans are intelligent –some- and so we must use this intelligence to question our surroundings and to give a meaning to out life; because what’s the point of living a shallow one where you have nothing to care for?


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