Do You Remember …

I don’t have to state this but it was valentine yesterday and without doubt many spent their day with the people they love. I, as depressing as it may sound, spent the day wondering what the people I love were up to without me.

I remember the previous valentine with my best friends, which i tried to make special by baking cookies and writing little notes telling them how much i appreciated having them in my life, and how without them i’d be nothing. Which i must admitted came from the bottom of my heart. They were there for me when no one else was, and they were the people that turned to me when no one was there for them. We laughed and made fools of ourselves not having a care what anyone else thought,because frankly…we had each other and no one else mattered.

So what I wondered was how did it all fade away?…

I know the answer now, no one ever stays best friends or close when they’re not constantly or frequently with each other.I guess it’s just one of those things in life which we have to accept and move on with. It is hard though. The worst thing is when you know you’re the only one fighting for the relationship to carry on while the other person seems to have lost all interest  What I don’t however understand is how some one can forget all the times they’ve had together.It’s physically not possible. Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) even showed that your long term memory literally has unlimited duration and so therefor it’s very hard to forget memories that have deep meaning behind….maybe they only had meaning for me. I hope not, otherwise i’d have wasted my time.


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