Imagine you are an innocent human walking to the bustop after a long day at collage, when you notice a grizzly brown bear chasing after you out of nowhere!-okay I know it makes no sense but just go with it for now- This bear was out looking for food just as you were on your way home and the your human meat makes his tummy rumble with hunger which is obviously bad news for you.

Luckily for you many years of evolution later your body has adapted to act quickly in situations like this. The sight of the bear triggers your hypothalamus to send messages to your adrenal glands and within milli seconds, you can run faster, hit harder, see better, hear more acutely, think faster, and jump higher than you could only seconds earlier.

Your heart is pumping at two to three times more blood than the normal speed, sending nutrient rich blood to the major muscles in your arms and legs allow you to escape the terror of the bear. The tiny blood vessels (called capillaries) under the surface of your skin close down (which consequently sends your blood pressure soaring) so you can handle a mark from the bear on your skin without bleeding to death. Even your eyes dilate so you can see well.

All other functions such as digestion stops, sexual function stops, even your immune system is temporarily turned off. If necessary, excess waste is eliminated to make you light on your feet…yes you may pee yourself…but not necessarily.

Your suddenly superhuman body is designed to help level the odds between you and the bear. This allows you to narrowly escape death by leaping higher and running faster than you ever could before.

How bloody amazing is that?! It’s like you genuinely sense the fear and stress and turn into some sort of a superhero with all the right powers. Things such as this just make you think how amazing the human body is and how perfectly it has evolved to be able to deal with all situations.

Okay so I know you won’t have a bear chasing you all of sudden out of nowhere, but you can apply this to any situation. Say you’re in your room and your meant to be finishing of an assignment but you’d much rather be easting Oreos and milk while surfing the net for hot pictures of Kurt Cobain-I know his dead…and it’s wrong on so many level…but that’s just me- your hear your roommate calling from down stairs “you ate all the Oreos again!?” the image of the bear, er, uh…your roommate…in your head shouting at you for eating all the Oreos again makes your hypothalamus send a message to your adrenal glands and within seconds your body summons all the same powers that you would need to fight a bear or what your stone-age ancestor needed to fight a saber tooth tiger. As you imagine your roommate shouting at you, the caveman inside of you wants to come out. Maybe you’d like to run and hide or maybe you’d like to punch your roommate in the nose, but you can’t do either. Welcome to the modern era.

Is this why we get frustrated, because we cannot let the natural consequences of stress go into play?


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