Is this a dream?

It makes me depressed knowing that amongst us we have a whole bunch of homophobes, racists and bullies. I dream of the day that we can all live in harmony without judging each other on stupid things that do not count. Why can’t we just see that it’s what’s on the inside that counts?

Over my short period of life I have encountered lots of idiotic human’s beings that think they’re too good to be in the presence of others. It’s people like that, that make me lose all hope for humans, I mean how can a person be so self centred and dim-witted?

Those people with their words so mean and smiles so thin don’t realise that what they say hurts. They feel the need to push people off their high again and make them feel like their nothing. It should be allowed for one human to treat another like that. It literally makes no sense in head. You have people who sort of support them as well and go with what is said. Those of the kind of people that annoy me the most they go along with what is supposed to be and seem to have no care to find out anything for them in order to have their own opinion.

For example take someone being in a school…they’ve just come out about being attracted to the same gender and instead of having people supporting them they have a whole bunch of idiots being mean to them. Don’t get me wrong the majority are ok…But it’s just one person would make a snide remark and then another would join in. I guess it may have something to do with peer pressure or may have some other psychological explanation, but I just wish it wasn’t like this.

I mean who in the world gave them the right to make another person feel that way? As far as I’m concerned no one, no on, should be made to feel like rubbish, whether it’s to do with sexuality, faith or race. I know that more than just a few of us have come to realise that rubbish like that does not matter, but unfortunately there are still some people out there who have not been enlighten with the fact that we are all equal.

We are all special in our own unique way and we mustn’t let people get us down.

Someday I’ll be living a city where everyone is equivalent


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