First Steps With Out Me

Ever since we are children we always plan out what our future is going to be like sometimes you share these plans with a best friend who you trust with your life because you remember making that pinky promise that tied together the friend ship, which you know none of you will break -Or that’s what the innocence of childhood lets you believe-

You may sit together for hours on end together with that friend planning on how you’re going to find a cure for cancer or how you’re going to be the first person on mars; and when people around you make fun of you, you both stick together and make sure you see those dreams through.

However the sad part is when those things you were supposed to do together, you don’t do together. You grow apart and all of a sudden that pinky promise means nothing. Then you hear your best friend has taken the first steps with out you. Then you don’t know how to feel. You heart feels broken and it’s not because you not happy for them, it’s the fact that you realise that you really are on your own. This best friend comes out and tells you what they’ve started doing for their dream (your dream)  and their tone almost makes it sound like it doesn’t mean as much to them as it means to you anymore. It’s like the fact that they’ve grown up and they are ready to pursue those dreams they don’t need you anymore.

You can’t let them know your sad about that though,that will make you look…silly. Instead you try to ignore the feeling of hurt that’s starting to pour out of you heart and start to form tears which you try to blink away like your life depends on it and they don’t notice at all.

Human’s reactions and understanding of each others feelings at times can be much…undermined because for a while their own feelings are overwhelming their senses to detect any other human emotions around them. This can be almost sad when you’re in the position of the person who’s been ignored.

Why am I the only one stuck in the mindset of a 10 year old? Why are all my peers moving on and starting to become serious about life and leave childhood completely behind? I know it’s hard to remember the people we used to be but is it not crazy to just forget everything we were and everything we stood for?

Never mind, these things happen, I can run across the world on my own. I don’t need anyone; I am a strong independent Asian.


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