It’s a little bit funny

One thing I learnt from secondary school would be the rapid change human’s go through. It’s like one minute you know someone like the palm of your hand and the next…Well you don’t know them.

The thing that’s triggered these thoughts in my head is the way ex-best friends act towards you- or towards me-. It’s like one minute everything is back to normal and we are like best friends again then the next everything changes completely and they turn into a monster you do not recognise.

The worst thing is we can’t be mature about it and talk it out because we are stuck in old patterns and routine that we can’t break or if we try to break them it’s like they build themselves again like that’s how it’s meant to be. Even so I don’t believe it’s supposed to be like this because humans have mouths so why not use them to work out sticky situations instead of just “brushing” them to the side. It doesn’t make sense!

It’s really funny because I wonder if maybe humans were designed to get bored very quickly with people. If this is so then I know for a fact I’m not human. You see I’m a sort of person who get’s much attached to people… perhaps if I stop getting attached to people then things would be a lot different

One thing I have realised is that they always try to make you feel bad about yourself which is weird because the real person feeling bad is them…because I took away what was the most special to them, I suppose they should have looked after this special thing because right now it’s mine forever.

It makes me sad that I’m stuck in this timespace continuum with people like this.




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