Go for anything you want!


I know what you’re thinking…it’s easier to say then to do it, well yeah I suppose it is but once you start doing it you can’t stop. It’s almost like your body or your month develops a mind of its own and you become so confident in what you’re doing, you almost can’t believe it’s you. It’s more or less like the success your getting from being brave is like a drug and need more. I think that’s what they call the zone.

So how do you get in the zone?

Well it’s fairly easy. Okay, I lied it’s not easy to get in to it straight away but once you start off you accelerate in the right direction increasingly. It’s just the starting off part that some may find tricky.

The best way to get into that acceleration mode is to plan. What is it that you actually want? When the plan is made make sure you make steps to help you follow through that plan, but you have to be sure that the steps are small enough to carry one part out each day. This will increase your confidence. Once you’re on a roll…well you’ll on a roll. But the main thing is believe in yourself.


I experienced the zone just a few days ago. Last November I applied for young apprentice and I managed to bag myself an interview which I went to last Friday. As there were so many applicants they had to interview us in groups of 12’s. They stood us in a line and randomly asked a number to step forward and explain why they should be young apprentice. Naturally every single person in that room had brilliant business skills which they had proven through many business ventures at a very young age. Now, I have faced business situations in my life before, but at that time I felt my experience didn’t compare to theirs. For example some kid had their own photography business and another had his own biscuit making business. All of them were perfect, and they were knocking my confidence. When they called out number 11 (which was me), I thought F it I’m just going to go for it, and that’s exactly want I did I gave it 100%…and guess what?…I got through to stage 3. After this stage in the interview I felt like I was whole new person the things that were coming out of my mouth in the interview I couldn’t believe! I was just so confidante and I felt like I really gave it my all.



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