Assumptions Made…

It’s amazing the way the human mind works, it works in a way that no machinery- no matter how developed- can even come close to its unbelievable qualities.With this brain we can achieve so much and some have and yet there is a group of people in the world- me included- that use this master piece for useless things. Things that don’t benefit anyone in anyway.

An example of this is prejudging; judging before you know the whole story. There is a famous saying: ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, we all know it and we all agree but that doesn’t necessarily stop us from judging what we’ve never read.

I think it’s in all humans, we see someone and without even realizing we come up with at least one word about them, rarely a positive diction but almost all the time it’s negative. I don’t think we mean to do it but its sort of like human instinct.

Assumptions are always being made by people and the only thing one can do is to prove them wrong and in unusual cases where the assumptions are good then you must prove them right.
I remember a few years back, a boy around the age of sixteen. I always assumed he was a failure in his education. He never seemed to study and at school he never paid attention to the teacher. He proved every one who thought like me wrong. My jaw was hanging right open when I heard that he got in university of Birmingham for medicine.

That was a life lesson for me. No matter how much you try to figure someone out, you’ll never fully know them until you have walked in their shoes.

There is a quote in ‘to kill a mockingbird’ that relates well with this topic. Atticus tells his daughter Scout this and I believe it expresses what i’m trying to say very nicely: ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.’
To my understanding Atticus is also hinting the fact about racial prejudice but I believe that judging all in all is incorrect, whether it’s something as well know as racism or if it’s assuming some one is stupid by the way they look.
Every one has their story, even the super villains in books have stories behind them which- if people bothered to read about- would maybe indicate why they do evil deeds.
I know that prejudice is happening all the time everyday, even right now but to my knowledge and experience I can confidently say that no one in this room is fully aware of who I am, how I think, why I do what I do and what my story is.
(So this was the awsome speech I promised you, let me know if you liked it)

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