I’m NoT What I Seem.

A week ago I was part of a small audience to an amazingly well thought through speech. This speech explained the brilliance of the human brain and how we use it to judge people with out realizing. My next post will be the speech so make sure you come and check it out because I promise to you it was remarkable.

So why are we so quick to judge people? Well I personally think that it’s human instinct and that we can’t help it. Our mind has the ability to categorizes every thing, it turns hard and complicated messages into small and simple concepts that can be understood easily; It seems to me that the main categories in the brain are “good” and “bad” . From the knowledge that is stored in these categories we use to judge not only ourselves but those around us in a flash with out hesitating. I think that our mind naturally stereo types what we see and we can’t really help it. It’s just human nature.


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