Beauty of nature…

I sometimes sit in my garden while watching my little brothers play and think to myself what a mess we’ve made of our world. The world we own. How can we treat our own property like so? I feel sorry for the generations to come, because they’ll get it the worst, with global warming getting worse by the day.

I occasionally wonder if perhaps it’s too late and maybe there is no way we can save our earth. We messed up big time. Though maybe we can all come hand in hand and at least try to change our ways and save what’s left of our world.

I get extremely upset thinking that the people of tomorrow will not see the beautiful animals that are to be extinct, all because of the selfishness of humans. Maybe the people of tomorrow won’t even exist…if we carry on like this.

I think it’s time we all started forgetting about all the things that keep us busy in life and just take a minute to realise  what we’ve done; and perhaps enjoy what’s left. Nature and our environment are beautiful. The constant changes, the beautiful colours and magical seasons that occur, these are the things that should be keeping us busy. Learning to have more awareness of nature can have a very positive impact on our lives…so why not be aware and realise…


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