Rules For Life!

Here are a few Rules for life that I came up with

Breath. Breathing’s always good.

Laugh as much as you can even if nothing is funny…not in funerals though, it may make things awkward.

Exercise, apparently it makes you feel so much better and happier, (release of endorphin’s the feel good hormone.

Accept everything as it is. If you know that you can’t change something then stop worrying about it and get on with life, however if you know you can change it for the better then stop at nothing to change it

Don’t ever regret because you don’t have a time machine to go and change what happened, and if you do have a time machine don’t hesitate to contact me.

Listen to music and dance

Never say no to KFC popcorn chicken (unless your a vegetarian, of course)

Don’t go on a killing spree…it’s bad


Never say never, except for in this sentence

Learn to love your self just the way you are

Make sure you get enough sleep


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