If She can, I CAN

Giving up should never be an option because people who don’t give up get far in life…here is a story.

#Joanna was a single mum who was struggling to make ends meet while living on social security with just 70 pounds a week. She had just split with her partner and decided to fill her time by working on an idea that she had for a book for children. Every morning Joanna would sit in her local café and write. Then every after noon she would go home to look after her daughter Jessica. When she finally finished her manuscript she sent it out into the world, where it was rejected by every major publisher in the UK.

Finally the daughter of one of the senior people at the publishing house read her manuscript and showed it to her father. The publisher agreed to pay her a tiny advance and put the book out for sale. Today harry potter is one of the greatest children stories’


6 thoughts on “If She can, I CAN

  1. that’s so inspiring! I really admire her, my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without HP…and not just childhood, I still enjoy that book!!

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