Smile with those eyes…

There’s this very beautiful girl I know. She’s a natural Asian beauty…okay maybe not naturally as she does plaster on a lot of make up however the way she walks, the way she talks and the way she stands so tall makes her beautiful. She is a very popular and intelligent girl which makes her very unique. However I wonder if she is naturally the way she is and if she genuinely does like the people she hangs out with; because I’ve noticed something about her that’s sort of stuck in my mind. It’s her smile. It’s weak. Maybe fake. Perhaps I’m being a little odd but her smile caused me to write this blog. Her smile caused me think about how a natural smile can make people around you feel so much better.

Once I walked passed her in the corridor and she gave me a smile. It was fake. The smile that practically is just her showing her teeth off at me while squinting her eyes. I cringed. Now I’m not saying people shouldn’t smile with their teeth, but don’t force yourself to have to smile.  

Smiling not only makes people around you feel better, but actually makes you feel better; I know this because firstly when I do it I feel extremely happy. Also according to and Professor Barbara and her research on to studies of smiling shows that its also very good for the health.


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