Review Of Life…so far…

Generally speaking when most people talk about life to me all I hear is negativity. Yes sometimes good things are said but not enough. Someone will come up to me all like “oh, no Timmy, my life is such a mess” WHAT ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT!? GET A GRIP! YOU’RE ONLY 15! Is my first reaction to this sentence and most of the time I am right. I really don’t like it when people make a big fuss over their pathetic little problems when there are a lot bigger issues to be worrying about. Most of the time there is somebody worse off then them and they just don’t seem to realize that.

Life so far for me has been shitty, not going to lie, but I’m so thankful for everything i have and maybe everything i’ve been through (even the bad things) is actually good because its made me appreciate the now a lot more.

One important thing that i’ve learnt about life so far is that you can’t make EVERYONE happy.So the best thing to do is just to let all the care go. Just do it. Stop caring about making people happy, stop caring about stupid things people say to you because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they say. All that matters is you being happy. 



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