Follow You Heart

Family’s are important in a persons life because they are the people who look after you and socialize you. So it’s only natural for us to take their advice and do all we can to please them.

Being Asian means that typically our parents’ make plans for our future, such as deciding what job we’ll have and of course there’s the issue of arranged marriages. Although the way the arrange marriage is done differs from family to family depending on where you live and how long you’ve lived there.


Well I think it’s because Asians live in a collectivist culture which means they put great emphasis on team work and family. Of course this can be a good thing, but not when the whole family gets to decide what you do with your life. That I think should be up to each individual.

It’s obviously really hard when there are so many expectations from families and those around you but i honestly think it’s your life and you should do what YOU want with it. Don’t let anyone judge you or tell you can’t.


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