Mrs Know It All, Doesn’t Know It All

Dear caretaker with ripped up jeans,

I just want to say what an incredible job you do looking after our massive school. You are amazing. However I never in a million years what to end up like you. You always look so miserable and unhappy; you make me want to cry about life. Nevertheless that’s not your fault because you probably have nothing to smile about. Anybody coming into a school full of girls and cleaning their toilet wouldn’t smile. So no I don’t blame you. However I want to know how you ended up at this school…The pay isn’t good that’s for sure…oh…maybe you had no chose but to come here. If only you’d better at school….you were a trouble maker weren’t you? Or maybe you just thought you were too cool for school.

A few weeks ago I read on psychological that when you meet new people you judge them in 1/10 of a second! I thought what a load of crap and completely disagreed, but today without realizing I did the same thing. I was coming out of my English class and I saw the caretaker bending on his knees scrubbing the lockers. I automatically wrongly thought about how miserable his life must be and how much I don’t want to end up like him. Although I don’t know for sure if his life is miserable I just judged by the way he was dressed and by the job he was doing. Maybe he loves his job. Maybe his life is right just the way it is. Maybe he is happy just the the way things are for him.

I hope so.

I didn’t assume anything bad about the care take but I’ve decided I will no longer judge anyone based on how they look or what i’ve heard from them because I don’t think its fair.


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