Over my 5 years in secondary school I have noticed how much people change their personality just to be accepted by others. First when I thought about it I didn’t understand why anybody would do such a thing, however after I put a lot of thought in to it I realised why some people may do that.

I go to a public school, so you do get a lot of people from very different backgrounds there, this may mean that there is more of a chance to get bullied there as kids older then you have more things to pick on you for. The bullying may affect self-esteem and make a person change themselves just so that they can stop the bullying. It is really sad when a child gets bullied because they are different, or perhaps they don’t have the latest phone whatever the reason may be, no matter how small a person will get affected a lot. This changes the person’s personality a great deal. Whether it may be that they try and act cool to fit in, or to get depressed.

That the reason people change their personality is because they want desperately to impress someone or they just want to fit in with the crowd.

I suppose this make sense if they are having a really horrid time, but changing your personality is hard and no one should have to do it just to impress others.


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