A few weeks ago I read something, I’m not exactly sure what it was called but the whole concept of the piece of writing was that reality is what we make it, people around us just respond to it.

The author of this piece of writing had proved that whatever we believe strongly we can have because there is nothing to make it stop. The experiment he had done was think of a blue feather constantly and imagine he had one. The next day he was eating a packet of crisps and in there was a blue feather. What a coincidence.
well no…he was looking for it. He was actively looking for a blue feather without realizing and when he found it he came up with the link between thinking it and getting it.

I remember watching a Derren Brown show where he talked about how humans always look for patterns and see patterns in things when they aren’t even there. Perhaps the author of this article had found a non existing pattern in order to prove himself right. I’m not saying he did this on purpose, it was an unconscious action taken.

Maybe people who believe in religion/god as a result of ‘miracles’ that have happened to them suffer from making up false patterns. They make a wish or pray…or whatever it is they do, then without realizing they create themselves a so called miracle.

Its possible that being able to see patterns in things is a way that out ancestors survived, so maybe this is an evolved response. For example they may have seen a pattern in what the most efficient way to kill a mammoth would be, which would lead them to repeat those steps… or something to similar to that. My point is they must have seen patterns in their surrounding which aided them in survival and ability to reproduce.

Over all yes sometimes there may be links between the patterns we see but not always and i think that it’s foolish to think we can make anything we want appear. If that was so why isn’t the doctor in my bed…?? perhaps its things like this that lead to naivety of humans.


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