Being 15

Talking behind your own back…thats new…
Have you ever had a certain person in your life that is just so full of them selves that they have room for nothing else? Or they’re such big attention seekers that it’s practically unbelievable? I have. It’s just so annoying and I sometimes even find myself wondering how the hell do they find the energy to do all that crap!

Being a 15 year old girl in a school means you are bound to hear things about yourself that not even you knew, because that’s just the way secondary school works. People get bored. They want to cause some drama. So what do they do? Make the drama themselves, obviously.

What gets me to the very core is that some silly people actually start talking about themselves. They actually go around and talk their business to everyone. Why? They simply want to seem ‘cool’ and to ‘fit’ in.Why do we try so hard to fit in and conform to the ideologies of a bunch of close minded teenagers who know no more than than the silly gossip magazines they read. All they seem to care about is their appearance and nothing else matters to them. How ridiculous! There is so much more to life than perfecting the way we look.There are way more important matters in the world, people are blind to those issues.

It would be so great if people could just accept who they are and instead of trying to “fit” in with others they’d appreciate the fact that they’re unique. Every single human being is special; they just need to find out what it is that makes them special.


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